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until 2016 funded by: World Wide Fund For Nature Deutschland (WWF Deutschland)

Project partners: Bayerische Botanische Gesellschaft (BBG), Regensburgische Botanische Gesellschaft (RBG), Botanische Staatssammlung München (BSM), Staatliche Naturwissenschaftliche Sammlungen Bayerns IT Center (SNSB-IT)

Overall responsibility: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Flora von Bayern

Scientific and biodiversity informatics lead: Dr. D. Triebel

Scientific staff: Dipl.-Biogeogr. I. Leininger (until 2019), Dr. J. Wellsow (starting with July 2020)

Technical staff: Dipl.-Math. D. Neubacher, Dr. A. Plank, Dr. S. Seifert

Cooperative technical partner: biowikifarm (Dr. G. Hagedorn)

Flora of Bavaria: Munich Team for data and infrastructure


In October 2013 the new project "BFL – Communication Platform" started. Its goal for the coming three years was to set up an interactive communication platform for volunteer experts and citizen scientists interested in the vegetation of Bavaria. The platform is based on wiki technology and technically managed as part of the biowikifarm. The Wiki zur Flora von Bayern offers additional possibilities compared to those of the current online portal Botanischer Informationsknoten Bayern (BIB). A repository for multimedia data (e. g. images) and a forum for discussion were established. Tools for plant identification and document up- and downloads are provided. The moderation of the cooperative elements, e. g. an event calendar, is supervised in cooperation between project co-workers and volunteer experts. Workshops to introduce volunteer curators to the database tools of the Diversity Workbench are organised. A user help desk was installed to answer all public comments and contributions concerning the project. Anyone interested in the development of the interactive wiki communication platform is encouraged to contribute. The financal support ended in 2016.

Cooperative projects: until July 2016: BFL – Data flow DWB and FIS-Natur; between August 2016 until July 2018: Data management in the DWB network and concept development for a flora and starting with May 2018 Coordination office for flora conservation in Bavaria

Bayerische Botanische Gesellschaft Botanische Staatssammlung München Regensburgische Botanische Gesellschaft SNSB-IT Centrum WWF Deutschland