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The initiative "Flora von Bayern" exists more than 100 years. It is devoted to the study of vascular plant life in Bavaria. The goal is to document all vascular plant life including all natural occurring or indigenous plants, new emerging plants, like invasive plants or over the years extinct plants. The main focus of the floristic initiative is the challenge to record all changes over space and time. To sucessfully reach the goal a close cooperation with regional groups is required. Since 2011 the consortium Arbeitsgemeinschaft Flora von Bayern supports the effort to publish a work "Flora" which will describe all plant species recently documented for Bavaria and to allow plant identification.

The "Flora von Bayern" initiative is currently supported by projects on regional and supraregional level, working groups, associations and botanical societies working closely together.

Contact: bayernfloraatbsm.mwn.de

The service is provided via a server of the Biowikifarm.

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