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Zehm, A. & Ruff, M. Juli 2021: Schutz der floristischen Artenvielfalt in Bayern. In: Natur und Landschaft. Bd. 96, Nr. 9+10, Kohlhammer, Stuttgart, S. 468-474, doi:10.17433/9.2021.50153951.468-474.

Stichworte: Species protection – Flora of Bavaria – Floristic mapping – Species conservation programme – Climate change – Regional plant provenances – Neophytes – Biotope network

Zusammenfassung: Beside climate change, the irreversible loss of biodiversity is one of today's most critical processes worldwide. To counteract this, species conservation

efforts, including those focussed on floristic issues, have been enhanced in Bavaria. Based on voluntary floristic mapping and a species conservation programme since the 1980s, efforts are being intensified to act on the scientific knowledge elaborated. The most important approach is to establish a sustained organisational structure in each district. This would designate one person in each district who would be responsible for plant conservation, and especially for meeting the new challenges posed by climate change and intensified land use. Recent studies show that especially the medium-frequent species are declining. Therefore, this group has to be addressed in particular. Improved biotope connectivity and the exclusive use of native and locally adapted plants are essential. In this article, we describe the ongoing botanical conservation efforts

in Bavaria, which also present new prospects for insect conservation.

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