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Pando, F. & Pereira, R.; World Conservation Monitoring Centre and International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases Standard (TDWG) (Hrsg.) 2007: Plant Occurrence and Status Scheme (POSS). (https:/​/​github.​com/​tdwg/​prior-standards/​blob/​master/​poss/​106-522-1-RV.​pdf).

Stichworte: TDWG prior standardDate created 1995-10-01Prior standard

Zusammenfassung: The development of agreed standards for the management of information is a key issue in ensuring that data can be shared on as wide a level as possible, and as easily as possible. This is particularly important for data maintained in computerised format on databases, if this data is to be made available to many users. Considerable debate may be involved in the preparation of agreed standards which, at first sight, may appear deceptively simple. However, all those involved in management of data will be well aware of the problems that exist if there is no clear, agreed standard to follow for a particular issue. In the worst instances, lack of agreed standards can mean data sets are managed in such a way that wasteful re-keying in of data is needed. The current standard, the Plant Occurrence and Status Scheme (POSS) has been developed to provide standard terms for recording the occurrence of a plant taxon for a specific location. As with all standards, POSS aims to provide both a clear, unambiguous framework for information management, and at the same time provides a mechanism for information exchange.

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