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The Erasmus+Exchange Meeting in Munich was a staff training event of Czech and Bavarian academic partners. It followed up the action Flora Silvae Gabretae – Flora des Böhmerwaldes – Květena Šumavy of the ETC INTERREG V program. The partners exchanged information on active participation in biodiversity databases in the context of botanical collections. They gained insights into processes and interactions with European and international aggregators of biodiversity data, especially DiSSCo and GBIF. Gained knowledge will help to make informed decisions about future cooperation on the biodiversity data.


Dr. Petr Novotný, Dr. Dagmar Triebel, Tanja Weibulat, Wolfgang Diewald, Dr. Julia Wellsow, Dr. Stefan Seifert, Dr. Markus Weiss

Time, location

  • December 5th to December 7th, 2022
  • Local contact person: Dr. Dagmar Triebel, Tel. 089/17861252, email:

General Topics and Agenda

December 5th, 9:00 until 16:00

Petr, Tanja and Dagmar

  • Bavarian Natural History Collections (SNSB), Botanische Staatssammlung München with herbarium and SNSB IT Center
  • German GBIF node system and the role of SNSB
  • SNSB in NFDI and DiSSCo, CETAF
  • TDWG standard ABCD and updates
  • GBIF Backbone Taxonomy - nomenclatory management
  • Herbarium visit and type digitisation according JSTOR standards (15.00 p.m., guided by the curator Dr. Hajo Esser)

December 6th, 9:30 until 15:00

Petr, Julia, Wolfgang (and Dagmar)

  • Flora of Bavaria, DiversityTaxonNames and BFL taxon reference list (BFL TaxRef)
  • Flora of Bavaria, DiversityCollection and taxon identification (revision, confirmation ...., including "re-naming")
  • Flora of Bavaria and GBIF (data pipelines, occurrence data and BFL taxon reference list)
  • GBIF Terms of use and data licenses
  • TDWG prior standard POSS and further standards

December 7th, 9:00 until 14:30

Petr, Stefan, Markus (and Dagmar)

  • DiversityCollection and ABCD Export for GBIF
  • DiversityTaxonNames and DTN Rest API
  • DiversityTaxonNames and GBIF checklists publications
  • GBIF Backbone Taxonomy - nomenclatory management

References and Web links

  • Novotný, P., Seifert, S., Rohn, M., Diewald, W., Štech, M. & Triebel, D. 2022. Software infrastructure and data pipelines established for technical interoperability within a cross-border cooperation for the flora of the Bohemian Forest. Biodiversity Data Journal 10: e87254: 1-21,

Flora Silvae Gabretae

Flora Silvae Gabretae – Flora des Böhmerwaldes – Květena Šumavy

Flora of Bavaria at SNSB

Bayernflora Wiki (in German) with Bayernflora Data Portal (BIB) (in German)

NFDI supersedes GFBio

ISO Standards including OAIS Reference Model for data centers/ data repositories/ data archives


GBIF Germany

GBIF Czechia

GBIF Associate Participant Organisation CETAF with BioCASE installation and Herbarium PRC as data publisher, hosted by WU

GBIF Terms of use

GBIF Key messages for COP 15

GBIF Checklist Dataset: Taxon list of vascular plants from Bavaria, Germany compiled in the context of the BFL project - BFL TaxRef

DTN Regional Taxon Lists - Rest Webservice with How To, including BFL TaxRef

DTN Taxon Lists Services Overview, including BFL TaxRef

Taxonomische Referenzliste der Gefäßpflanzen Bayerns, BFL TaxRef - Documentation in the Bayernflora Wiki

GBIF Backbone Taxonomy

TDWG Standards


(Meta-)Data Exchange Standards relevant for biodiversity collections in the GFBio network

Diversity Workbench Video Tutorials with five videos explaining aspects of data transformation in the context of the ABCD standard

DISSCo Germany

Research Infrastructure Landscape (DISSCo view)

DISSCo Contact

JSTOR Global Plants in Munich

CETAF Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities

CETAF Members

Expert Workshop on GBIF Data in Kenya - Materials and Documents